Your Screenplay Sucks! (BOOK)

$ 14.96

Carl King says:

William Akers is the author of my favorite screenwriting book. He's impatient, sharp, and tells it like it is. I read this entire book for free in a bookstore, took notes, then went back and bought the damned thing.

Even if you're not writing screenplays, this book can make you a better communicator. Huge influence on me. Go get it. 

Publisher's Description:

All beginning writers make the same mistakes — and many "pros" do, too! Because nobody in Hollywood will give your script a second chance, it better be perfect the first time out. No longer will you worry that a producer or story executive will toss your script in the garbage at page fifteen because Your Screenplay Sucks! Akers' checklist will eliminate all the flaws in your screenplay, guaranteeing a cover-to-cover read.

This book includes the most comprehensive checklist of fatal errors all writers make — and then provides the tools to fix them.

In today's highly competitive story market, this is the only book that finds the flaws in your script — like a heat-seeking missile — and shows you how to eliminate them.

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