Cuyahoga! (eBook)

$ 2.99


Cuyahoga! is a 75-page sci-fi short story by Carl King.

It was self-published digitally on 11/11/11.

Cover Illustration by Lance Myers.

It is available to download for only $2.99:
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NOTE: You don't need to own a Kindle or iPad or Nook to read this story. If you buy the Kindle version, you can read it on any computer using Amazon Cloud Reader.


Take a tour through small-town adolescent Hell in Cuyahoga!, the new philosophical sci-fi novella by theOffice Fellowship winning author Carl King. Adam Newmann is at war. He works a job he hates in a town he can't stand. His best friend is a beat-up jukebox he calls Ted and his only other companion is Dave, a dim-witted giant who tries to convince Adam to start a cult. Carl King breathes life into a misfit cast of characters including an evil ukulele wizard, a day-glow pop princess, and a girlfriend who may or may not be completely imaginary. Adam must figure out if he is the only one in Cuyahoga who sees The Truth (or whether he's truly out of his mind) while fighting off an army of Meme Zombies and the hypnotic gyrations of Yum-Yum LollyPOP! and her minions.

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