Oracle of Outer Space (BLU-RAY & CD DOUBLE-DISC)

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Starring Dweezil Zappa, Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse), Joanie Brosas, LeeAnna Vamp, Mike Keneally, Ebony Amber, Clarke Wolfe, and more!

This is the physical DOUBLE-DISC (BLU-RAY & SOUNDTRACK CD) package. Includes bonus features (deleted scenes) plus full orchestral soundtrack.

Created by Carl King.

Animated by Lance Myers
Written by Carl King & Martin Pursley & Ian Koss
Story Consultant: Matt DeJonge
Script Consultant: Pilar Alessandra

Music by Carl King
Dialogue Recorded by Carl King and Craig Parker Adams

Dweezil Zappa: Gary Shostotonovonovich
Jon Schnepp: Theodore Bluudgor
Mike Keneally: Dr. Zeroz, The Planetary Master
Joanie Brosas: Arcana Thrice, The Polymorphous Space Princess
LeeAnna Vamp: Ship’s Computer
Clarke Wolfe: Vice Demi-Regent of Public Programming Matter Affairs
Ebony Amber: Dream Girl #11 of 9
Nils Rurack: Announcer
Mike Stone: Big Irv
Travis Orbin: Scientist
Zeke Piestrup: Ronald That

CALLERS / KICKSTARTER BACKERS Caller #1 - Waxy Casketfingers (Mel Hour) Caller #2 - Xander Danderpuff (Steven Smith) Caller #3 - Axl Rose (John Marhefka) Caller #4 - Yoga Mommy Warbucks (Samantha Haynes) Caller #5 - Wrong Number Ron (Q Fortier) Caller #6 - Stan (Richard Yu)

Executive Producer Credits: Q and Timothy Lawson

Drums on Waffle Apocalypse - Travis Orbin

Corporate Sponsors: Andrew Hahn / Black Armour Helmets
Brendan Davis / Big Fish In The Middle Kingdom

Ebony Amber recorded by Preston Parish

Special Thanks to Cole Johnson for Ronald That.

Girl #1: Belén Ortiz

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