That Monster Show - Pilot Episode (BLU-RAY)

$ 9.99

(NOTE: This cartoon pilot is also available for free on YouTube: The Blu-Ray contains Bonus Features. You can also purchase or rent on Vimeo to get access to the same bonus features.)

Starring Mark Borchardt, LeeAnna Vamp, Dan Foster, Joanie Brosas, Julia Aks, Cole Johnson, Laila Berzins.

Written, Directed, and Music by Carl King.

Animated by Lance Myers.

That Monster Show is a family-friendly animated TV show pilot, in that lighthearted horror style of Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, and Haunted Mansion. A retro melodrama for all!

It recounts a mythical tale of FIVE MONSTERS from another dimension, who are banished to their version of Hell: FLORIDA! Can they use their magic to construct a machine, that will re-open the portal, and return them to their home world? Florida can be a dangerous place for anyone — but a land of sunshine, golf courses, and beaches is the last place our Monsters want to be.

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