Travis Orbin: Silly String II (CD)

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Many minutes of the most very impressive virtuoso listening material from that often Barbarian-like being in Delawhere -- which doubles as a miracle: the first full-length official release from drummer Travis Orbin. Full of dissonant melodies, aggressive and precise drum splatterings, and a confusing pile of textural timbres from real, live musical instruments that sound just like the popular Concert Band Saxophone, Goatskin Bongos, and Electronical Theremin. I admonish the listener to nevermind the funkified bassisms! Regurgitated emphasis: these devices all are hand-controlled by their skillful human masters, rather than through the expected cyborg-induced mechanizations. What? Beware, producers: the anthropoids have been skipping showers and practicing! Some tracks even feature close-mic'd "beard-scratching" as a sound effect. Ah, what a powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating bonus for those available ladies within driving distance. -Carl. 

Travis Orbin - Drum set, Percussion on all but 9 
Adam Edgemont - Guitar on 1-4, 6-8, 11-13, 15, Acoustic Guitar on 1 
Cameron McLellan - Bass on all but 9, 14 
Matthew Riggen - Trumpet on 1, 7, 10, 14, Trombone on 7 
Jeff Siegfried - Saxophone on 3, 10 
John Sims - Upright Bass on 14 
Ben Rachbach - Piano on 14 
Felonious Hunk - Theremin on 13 
Sophia Uddin - Violin on 5 
Owen McKinley - Congas, Bongos on 7 
Ben Eller - Guitar solo on 12 
Sound design by Travis Orbin 
Music composed by Travis Orbin 
Voices in phone call on 15 are Elliot Coleman, Jason Campbell 
Children on 10 are Mason and Ian Campbell 
Additional guitar arrangements on 4, 7 by Adam Edgemont 
Additional bass arrangements on 4, 5, 11 by Cameron McLellan 
Additional piano arrangements on 14 by Ben Rachbach 
Additional trumpet arrangements on 14 by Matthew Riggen 
Additional upright bass arrangements on 14 by John Sims 
Synth Production by Patrick Campbell 
Produced by Travis Orbin 
Drums and percussion engineered by Travis Orbin of Woodshed Studios 
Drum editing and mixing by Travis Orbin 
Additional drum mixing by Justin Bonfini 
Guitar engineered by Adam Edgemont at his home studio 
Guitar on 12 engineered by Ben Eller at his home studio 
Bass engineered by Cameron McLellan at his home studio 
Trumpet, trombone, saxophone, upright bass, violin engineered by Gabriel Riccio at his home studio 
Piano engineered by Jeremy Goody of Megasonic Sound 
Theremin engineered by Felonious Hunk at GodCity Studio 
Percussion engineered by Owen McKinley at his home studio 
Guitar and bass re-amping by Patrick Campbell 
Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Campbell of Epilog Sound 
Cover art by Travis Orbin 

Thank you to my fans, friends, associates, and family; especially my parents for their perpetual support and my neighbors for putting up with all of the racket. Also, thank you to my endorsements: Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo drumheads, Vic Firth drumsticks, Vratim drum shoes, the Hi-Hat Razer, and E-Pad! Practice Pads. 

Special thanks to Gabriel Riccio for doubling as a talent scout for this record. Extra special thanks to Patrick and Erika Campbell for their hospitality. 

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