Secret Chiefs 3: Book of Horizons (CD)

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From Carl: "This is my favorite Secret Chiefs 3 record. I had a lot of fun hanging out with Trey when I lived in San Francisco in 2002-2003. I remember when he was talking about splitting Secret Chiefs 3 into 7 different bands, and playing me demos in his car. I guess this album is the result of the work he was doing then." 
1. "The End Times"
2. "The 4 (The Great Ishraqi Sun)"
3. "The Indestructible Drop"
4. "Exterminating Angel"
5. "The Owl in Daylight"
6. "The Exile"
7. "On the Wings of the Haoma"
8. "Book T: Exodus" (composed by Ernest Gold)
9. "Hypostasis of the Archons"
10. "The Electrotheonic Grail Dove"
11. "The 3 (Afghan Song)" (composer unknown)
12. "DJ Revisionist"
13. "Anthropomorphosis: Boxleitner"
14. "Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique"

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