Dr. Zoltan Presents: Sir Millard Mulch - "Fanatical Video Game Retroverse" (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

$ 9.99

This album is a Digital Download only. You will receive a .zip file with 192k mp3s. 

Carl programmed almost every single note on this compilation album with an Atari 1040STe computer in his bedroom. It contains 34 songs. 

"Sir Millard Mulch creates music so dense and hyperkinetic that not even Nintendo would want to touch it."
-Ink Koss, INK19

This retrospective album is a COMPLETE collection of Sir Millard Mulch's obscure video game soundtracks, corporate training video background music, and children's tv jingles from the late 90's—performed exclusively by an Atari 1040STe.

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