Devin Townsend: Contain Us (6 x CD / 2 x DVD Collector Box Set)

$ 70.00


From The Label:

“Here it is...the ULTIMATE collection for any die hard Devin fan. "Contain Us" is a special tribute box set for The Devin Townsend Project epic quadrology of "Ki", "Addicted", "Deconstruction" and "Ghost". The box set will contain all for DTP albums mentioned plus two bonus DVDs and CDs. The DVDs have one featuring live performances and all the DTP promotional videos while the other has audio commentary for all 4 albums, live audio tracks, song stems for remixing and more. One of the audio CDs features all the bonus tracks from the DTP sessions with the other having the DTP session demos. Housed in a charcoal linen, hardcover slipcase – presented with a photographic portrait of Devin inset on the front and ink-less embossing of titling on the spine. Also features a 12” x 12”, 64-page, perfect bound book featuring a charcoal linen hardcover with ink-less debossing of the DTP logo on the front and titling on the spine. Limited to 5,000 copies world wide!!!”

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