Dale Turner - Mannerisms Magnified (CD)

$ 10.99

Carl King says: "This is the most impressive record I've heard since Marco Minnemann's House Wife Dog & 2 Kids. Maybe not coincidentally, Dale played every instrument on this album himself. And like Marco, Dale is able to transcend his principal instrument and express himself beyond just one tool -- an artist who happens to use sound to tell a story, not just a player of notes. The first time I listened to this thing, I was frozen in time and space as it took over my mind. I forgot where I was. Dale's music is complex, tricky, and unusual -- yet it never devolves into sterile math rock. At the core, you can't escape the beautiful vocal melodies and well-crafted acoustic guitar. It's alive, like music should be."

Listen to this:


CD is 12 Songs. 42 Minutes. 

Buy it above or find out more about Dale: http://www.intimateaudio.com

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