Cliché Faux Pas / Shaffer The Darklord (Split 7")

$ 6.66

Night Of The Living Christ / John 3:16 ( SAMPLER) by

This is a hilarious split 7-inch record that my friend Larry Boothroyd of Victims Family / Hellworms put out on his own new label, Brink of Extinction Records. Schaffer The Darklord is this stand-up comedian / rapper from New York who recorded a song called, Night Of The Living Christ, where Jesus comes back as a zombie. I love that guy, and you'll be hearing more about him soon. Cliche Faux Pas is Larry and I, doing a parody of the KISS song, Christine Sixteen, but with religious lyrics (changed to say "John 3:16"... this was Larry's idea and I just helped him record it and played some of the instruments). It sounds remarkably authentic. I decided to begin distributing this 7-inch on Christmas 2005, as a special treat to all of my Christian friends. Hand-numbered, 500 limited pressing on pristine white vinyl. (They say that when Jesus comes back he will be so white it will hurt your eyes.)

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