Dr. Zoltan: Self-Activating Software Drones (T-Shirt)

$ 13.99

Dr. Zoltan Fans: confuse your friends and surprise your enemies!

The CARET Drones are back!

Living, intelligent anti-gravity machines brought to life by "Self-Activating Software" -- featured on Coast To Coast AM and Earth Files. These flying mechanical beings from another dimension have not been seen on Earth since Dr. Zoltan first harnessed their otherworldly power to open a portal to generate prime-numbered music in mid-2007. 

If you wear this 2D cloth torso exoskeleton imprinted with arcane alien hieroglyphics, will the CARET Drones hover over your small town and scare the Fun out of your neighbors? There's only one way to find out!

Original design by Swiss illustrator, Angelo Gwerder. 

Printed on Natural Gildan 100% Cotton.

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