Sir Millard Mulch - To Hell With All Of You, I Just Wanna Grow My Vegetables! (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

$ 9.99

Digital Download: 44.1k / 16-Bit WAV files.

An old album from July 1999. Released at DragonCon, Atlanta, GA. Mostly recorded in my friend Harold's bedroom on a Roland VS880.

Sir Millard Mulch - Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Vocals, Atari STe, Violin
Redisappearing Harold - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Clarinet
Left-Handed Mike - Roland V-Drums on 6
Stew McClain - Vocals & Trumpet on 17
My Little Friends - Background Vocals on 17 
William Maier IIIF - Vocals on 16

1. Grand Schumacher Destroys Hollywood For The Girl of His Dreams
2. The Heroic Origin of the Bionic-Handed Grocery Bagging Man
3. With Nina Gordon With David Bowie
4. Don't Mistake Me For Miss January
5. On A Quest For Strange Socks, The Resurrection
6. One Day, I Shall Return, A King, And Obliterate You All!
7. Oodles of Noodles
8. Can We Go To The Chinese Theater?
9. Ode To Bob Pomeroy
10. Infinitesimal Beads of Graphite Dust II
11. Things Beyond Things (Devin Townsend)
12. James Pitts In Bondage (Techno Remix)
13. The Cheap Plastic Toy Is Now Broken
14. From The Odor, I Assume You Are A Resident On The SCAT Bus
15. Lessons In Life, Thank You For Your Condescension
16. Have You Been To The School?
17. Amy / A Daily Meditation

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