Robotussin Buzz: 7-Foot Stool EP (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

$ 6.99

In the early '90s (1994 in this case), my good friend Zeke Piestrup (Apocalypse Later: Harold Camping vs. The End of the World / Eman Laerton: You Have Bad Taste In Music) was a spastic, long-haired, taco-eating skater dude in California. Of course, he was also the lead singer of a plaid-wearing funk-metal band, which sounded remarkably tight -- and remarkably derivative of Primus and Infectious Grooves. The bassist (Morgan Spenceley) was "most rad" in my opinion, and the lyrics were juvenile (common in the Pre-Disco-Volante-Bungle era). But I must admit, these guys were all good musicians, and sounded like a real band. That's much more than I can say of the band I was in at that age. Anyway, if you're familiar with Zeke's more mature film work, this is an amusing (and endearing) look at his musical college years. (Also, this EP was recorded at Bell Sound, where some of Morgan Ågren's Conundrum was shot 20 years later. Coincidence?)

You will receive a .zip of high-quality AIF audio files and CD package art as PDF. 


1. Ulcer
2. Mr. Miss Lee
3. Clam-Bumping
4. Lazy Man

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