Llyn Foulkes One Man Band (DIGITAL SCREENER)

$ 75.00

Running time: 88 minutes
Subjects: Art History, Studio Art, Museum and Collection Studies, Music, Psychology and the Business of Art

Performance Rights: 
Purchase of this Digital Screener includes educational and public performance rights, for screenings of 50 or fewer individuals where admission is not charged and the event is not publicized. If your screening will be larger than 50 people, or you plan to advertise or sell tickets, please contact us to arrange a formal screening.

This feature documentary follows the internationally acclaimed painter and musician Llyn Foulkes from age 70 to 77, as he struggles to be acknowledged for his lifetime achievement. During the seven years chronicled in the film, Foulkes creates, destroys, and recreates a pair of large-scale, three dimensional paintings, one that costs him his marriage, all while trying to keep a toe-hold in the art market. With commentary by Dennis Hopper and George Herms, and footage of an appearance on the Johnny Carson show, it's revealed how Foulkes avoided "selling his soul", in an uncompromising, up-and-down career, that spanned over fifty years. The film concludes with his rediscovery by the international art world at the age of 77.

Llyn Foulkes One Man Band is ideal for students, faculty, artists, art industry and art appreciators. A maverick of California's contemporary art scene of the early 1960s, Foulkes along with peers Ed Ruscha, Robert Irwin, and Ed Moses, became an early Ferus Gallery member, only to travel a much longer road to celebrity. Along with DVD purchase, the soundtrack and film poster are also available, as well as screenings with appearances by Llyn Foulkes and/or director Tamar Halpern, depending on schedule. For further information contact us, or see the purchase page. Institutional purchase of this film includes all performance rights.

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