Greetings From The Wrong Century: 5 Undiscoverable Musics

$ 4.99

Attention: friends who have a need to discover weird music. I've put together this digital-download compilation of 5 songs you should hear. Read my notes below.

1. Mats / Morgan: En Schizofrens Dagbok
from On Air With Guests
"Translates to: A Schizophrenic's Diary. Morgan Ågren and Mats Oberg bring you wild Swedish funk with abrupt changes and pitched percussion."

2. Lee Wanner: Only Audrey Would Know
from Kids Today And Their Loud Jazz Music
"Marco Minnemann on drums, the adventurous and angular fusion guitar of Lee Wanner (Rejectionary Art), Ric Fierabracci of Chick Corea on bass, and quirky female vocalist Laura Vall."

3. Öz Ürügülü: Secret Cheese
from Forgotten Archives
"A 'Secret Chiefs' joke? A band of Swiss freaks with horns, sitar, metal guitars, techno beats, and jazz improv. One of my recent favorites and the best selling band on my store this year!"

4. Anthony Garone: J.S. Bach’s BWV 1060R, Mov. 1: Allegro
from 10 Decent Pieces
"Whoa! Featuring bassist of Dixie Dregs and drummer of Panzerballett. Neo-Classical, but with a spastic European jazz-metal twist."

5. Robotussin Buzz: Mr. Miss Lee
from 7-Foot Stool EP
"Remember Filmmaker Zeke Piestrup from 'Harold Camping vs. The End of the World?" He and his taco-eating surfer dude friends recorded this goofy demo in the early '90s. Influenced by Primus, RHCP, and and Mr. Bungle."

This is a Digital Download. You will receive a .zip containing high-quality 192k mp3s. 

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