Marco Minnemann - Signature Series Glow-In-The-Dark Autographed Flying Saucer

$ 7.00

To celebrate The Extinction of the Record Industry, has produced a new model of Signature Series Glow-In-The-Dark Autographed Flying Saucer, featuring a custom configuration based on the ergonomic preferences of drummer Marco Minnemann. With exclusive artwork by our specialized artists in Switzerland and Hollywoodland, our carefully-crafted design broadcasts the image and likeness of this otherworldly performer. 

Why Flying Saucers?

Flying Saucers are superior to Compact Discs in several ways:

1.) They do not require primitive lasers and needles -- both dangerous mechanical devices that should not be available to young consumers. 

2.) They help improve manual dexterity, balance, and aim by up to 41%. 

3.) They encourage young humans to exit the confines of small, square boxes and ambulate themselves across oxygen-rich surfaces -- promoting good health and blood-flow to the brain.

4.) They are manufactured from an ancient photoluminescent material (powered by magic from the stars themselves), durable and resistant to scratches / data corruption. 

5.) Unlike other popular forms of round plastic, they are completely silent!

6.) They are lightweight and inexpensive to transport to all regions of your galaxy.

7.) They borrow the advanced, clean technology required to fly from actual Flying Saucers. 

Each Flying Saucer is shipped with its very own Landing Platform. 

How Did We Come Up With This? 

Human civilization ceased buying Compact Discs in 2007. Being a Record Label (the sticker that goes on a round thing) it is important that MutantMall maintains its established order-fulfillment and production workflow. The trick was to find some sort of round plastic to sell and ship -- something that would not be rendered obsolete and stored in boxes in another 5 years. Unlike CDs, the time-tested, aerodynamic, body shape of the frisbee has been in use since the 1940s, and is modeled on ancient alien technology. Everyone knows that UFOs will never go out of style. 

These are limited edition collector's items (only 97 in existence) and are inspected and approved by Marco Minnemann himself, after close inspection of its anti-gravity propulsion systems and interstellar marketing technologies. 

Original Art

Angelo Gwerder (Marco) and Ben Li (Background & Effects)

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