Marco Minnemann: Symbolic Fox (CD)

$ 12.99


Released in 2012. More insanity from multi-instrumentalist Marco Minnemann -- not only a virtuoso drummer, but also a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and vocalist! Guest appearances by Guthrie Govan of The Aristocrats. 

1. Symbolic Fox/Snoopy
2. Got 5 (feat. Guthrie Govan)
3. Chicken or Pasta
4. Letter P On U
5. Letter P On U2
6. Metalband (feat. Guthrie Govan)
7. Party With the Termites
8. Ear to Ear
9. And the Birds Fly Out
10. Broken Toe
11. Oink
12. Desert Tornado
13. Psh Psh
14. Not My Girl
15. Save You Not
16. Lungs Filled With Salt Water
17. Eyes Open Staring Into the Darkness
18. Symbolic Fox II

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