God of Shamisen - Dragon String Attack (CD)

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Dragon String Attack (First Strike) by GodofShamisen

God of Shamisen is a California-based progressive rock band with the distinction of being led by a master of the Tsugaru-Shamisen, a traditional fretless lute from Japan. Dragon String Attack is their 2008 debut CD, wherein Kevin Kmetz's electric shamisen is combined with odd-times, metal, funk, and a dash of humor. Kmetz, as well as drummer Lee Smith, are also known for their time with Estradasphere, notably Palace of Mirrors on The End Records.

"The perfect soundtrack for an alien's DNA-splicing video instruction manual!" — Dale Ockerman

"A nice humble name, there… It sounds kind of like bluegrass, they're playing so fast. But it's a hard rock thing." — Mike Watt

1 Dragon String Attack (First Strike) — 3:53
2 Traveler Attack — 4:15
3 Bad Dag Attack — 6:09
4 Dragon String Attack (Second Wave) — 2:29
5 Beyoglu Parade Attack — 3:25
6 Tower Storm Attack — 1:32
7 Dragon String Attack (Secret Weapon) — 4:29
8 The Village Attack — 2:08
9 Fifth Column Attack— 3:59
10 Ripe Fruit Attack — 4:01
11 Aftermath Attack (Rain Song) — 3:11
12 The Science Fiction of Ray Bradbury Attack — 4:41
13 Traveler Returns (Luthor's Bane) — 3:43
14 Dragon String Attack (Finishing Blow) — 2:24

Over two years in the making, this album features a variety of guest musicians including bansuri player Deepak Ram and also popular shamisen player Masahiro Nitta. It also features more guest spots, including performances from Trey Spruance (Secret Chiefs 3), Jason Kocol (Impaled), Jason Cox (XOC), Rick Walker (Loop.pooL), Tom Mclaughlin (Good Guys), Dale Ockerman (Doobie Brothers), and KC Howard (Decrepit Birth). Cover art by Tom Denney.


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