Dovetonsil - Gobbledygook (CD)

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John E. Citrone made his way into the Sir Millard Mulch mythology by playing drums on the conspiracy-theory-themed album called "The De-Evolution of Yasmine Bleeth." He was also the (only) live drummer of the Sir Millard Mulch Band, for exactly 2 performances. 

"If things don't work out with Citrone, I'm giving up, never playing live again." -Sir Millard Mulch, to Darrin Johnson during Yasmine recording session

His playing can be heard on Tiki Bar Revolution, The Mysteries of the Universe Are Revealed To Morons Pt. 1, and While They Were Rockstars. 

If you want to hear what happens when Citrone writes and records an album of his own music, now is your chance. He's yet another multi-instrumentalist who played and sang most of the songs himself. You should see how he plays a right-handed guitar left-handed. It's bizarre. 

Includes the misanthropic radio bomb "Animals Are So Much Cooler Than People." 

Recorded in 2002 in Jacksonville, FL. 

Dovetonsil / Gobbledygook Sampler by

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