Marco Minnemann - House Wife Dog & Two Kids (Double CD)

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Two-Disc Set

Remember when home recording technology was made available to every fool on the planet? No one used it to its potential except this guy. This is an album that is extreme in its use of both hemispheres of the complex brain of Marco Minnemann. Both randomly silly in some aspects while at the same time being immaculately executed, giving all of the pieces a rough joking-around-with-your-home-made-4-track-demos feeling… then turning around and executing musical passages that only a few humans could comprehend. Over 2 hours long. Personal, awkward, and intimidatingly creative, just like the 13' tall German who made it.

Label's Description: International drumming sensation, Marco Minnemann has released many outstanding original recordings in his illustrious career as a solo artist, and with his former group, Illegal Aliens, but none so bold, adventurous, creative and pop oriented as his 2007 release "House Wife Dog And Two Kids." Minnemann creatively blurs the lines between punk, metal, pop and instrumentally complex musical styles to create a fresh, innovative and entertaining collection of catchy, emotionally charged vocal and instrumental compositions. Minnemann plays all instruments on this thirty-one song, two-disc set and shares the creative vocal chores with the sweet and innocent pop vocal style of French model, Petra Lukovic.

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